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I celebrated my 50th birthday (and 23 years in Aviation Recruitment!) with friends and family recently and, with 2015 beginning, I wonder where the years have gone.  It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating a new century and a couple of weeks before that I was 16 – with exams to study for and a whole life to live ahead of me.

Now, when I look back at 2014, we’ve all endured 3 catastrophic airline tragedies together; the loss of two Malaysian flights and more recently, AirAsia.

Our industry often has to fight for survival, but survive it does and we have much to be thankful for.

We will all have days ahead to enjoy while, sadly, the Pilots and Cabin Crew on-board those flights never made it home to their loved ones.  They deserve a moment of reflection and I gladly give of my time to remember them; I’m very sure their last moments were spent fighting for the survival of their Passengers where they could, as well as themselves.


If the New Year makes you think about what you’ll achieve this year, I still recommend learning about the life of former Royal Navy test pilot Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown. At 95yrs old, he’s The [British] Fleet Air Arm’s most decorated Pilot; his life reads like a handbook in beating the odds and if you can access the BBC Radio Player online, his interview with the music of his life is an un-missable masterclass in living life to the full.

If the history of Aviation interests you, you may also enjoy A Century Of Commercial Aviation: Flight Attendants Through The Years

The rapid developments in technology and computer software are delivered to us daily these days and it’s also opening up the fun side of aviation.
If you’re looking for something entertaining to do, why not experience Flying the F-35 Fighter Jet or Land on the Philae Comet

The world of work continues to evolve.  Virgin Are Letting Staff Take As Much Holiday As They Want and a new report demonstrates how Shift Work Dulls Your Brain

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