No time to work out? Get fit on your way to work

You have always been a fit person and the gym is your second home but your job just won’t let you get time to go to the gym. Ever thought of getting fit on your way to work, yes burning the calories and still get time to work with no interruption. Most of us have full time jobs, active social lives and other things to do so working out usually gets shoved to the lower end of the list.

While many of us schedule time to workout (like three mornings per week) these times often get filled with other plans. So what can we do? Should we move exercise to the top of the priority list? That would be an easy solution and probably an ideal one, but it’s definitely not likely

Meet Steve Hamilton who cycles between 80-100 miles every working day. That makes 22,000 miles a year. And every mile covered on crowded, traffic-laden central London streets is done on a bike he bought for a fiver._67694544_bike

Steve is one of around 500 bicycle couriers who operate in and around central London. You can read all about him here

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